Amontaine Aurore

My Name is Trazar

Written & performed by: Amontaine Aurore

Directed by: Tikka Sears

Lighting Design: Dave Leitz

Robot sculpture, newsprint costume and set design by: Stephen Rock, Nichole DeMent

Presented at: Thelma DeWitty Theater, Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, Seattle, WA

Part political prisoner, part cabaret performer, Trazar exists in a futuristic world taken over by totalitarian robots. With survival as her driving force, Trazar finds herself in a struggle between acquiescence to authority and the rebellious promptings of her evolving social consciousness. A mixture of drama and dark comedy, this play explores the effects of fear and propaganda upon the human mind and culture.

Photos by Nichole DeMent

18.jpg 16.jpg 3.jpg 14.jpg 2.jpg 1.jpg Trazar.singing2.jpg Trazar.Redboa.1.jpg Trazar.Paperhat1.jpg Trazar.darkglasses1.jpg Trazar.singing3.jpg Trazar.pregnant1.jpg